Helping Hands, Praying Lips, God’s Children


Who needs GOD’s Love More ??????
God or Men ????
Men are called the Children of GOD……So we have to love
GOD’s Children…..GOD does’nt need our love ….his children
need our love more……..

while what we do is that we do everything to keep GOD happy by all
means but fight with our parents, brother, sister, Friends, Neighbourers, Employees,
Employers, teachers, students, servants and even everyone…….

It is somewhat like having the name of KRISHNA on our lips in the morning
and doing evil deeds in the evening……..then again repeat the same thing next day.
We try to keep GOD happy because we think that he can do some harm to us.
He can punish us……He can snatch some happiness from us…….We are afraid so we keep GOD happy but severely punish and hate his children(Human Beings) . . . .

Our Prayer and our worship must reflect in our WORK and Actions…..
The name of KRISHNA must be in our heart and soul at the time when
we are doing good things and also at the time when we are doing some
bad things so that we could be stopped……….

Always Remember –


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