Triangular Wall Pockets 🔻


Triangular wall pockets

Things required
~ hot glue gun
~ cardboard
~ scissor 
~ scale

Cut a proper equilateral triangle of 15 inches each side . Then cut 6 squares of 3.5inches each side and make a diagonal and then cut it. It will form 12 triangles .Now just stick them on the big triangle as you can see in the picture with the help of glue . You can take dimensions of big triangle by dividing each side into 3 parts of 5 inches each by making dot and then connect these dots as they will give an idea for placing triangle pockets …..Now when you are all done with pasting these pockets paint it in your on way…..
Ta daa😀…Your triangular wall pockets are ready .. isn’t is really easy?
Let me know in comments .. How’s it …N yeah for sure give it a try if you like it😊.
For more help ,get video by clicking the link below-

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