Music is all about Entertainment?


Music is the sound that pleased to the ears can be produced through many activities, such as Singing, using Musical Instruments or from any other objects. Sometimes, we hit table and produce sound of the tabla by doing that we enjoy. The soul of music comprises many things like rhythm, pitch, texture, and many more. Heartbeat is also a music. 

Everyone has passion towards music either a desire to learn or listening for getting relax. To me music is life, and I have a strong desire to learn music. But from few days ago ,my views get changed over singing ,I sing and it really does not matter for me that ,Am I doing justice to this song or not?, thing that only matter to me is that am I enjoying it? Whereas i wanna be perfact, matter is, i don’t get upset…. Oh! I am not in pitch…

 I start practicing and took tuitions. But you know what! music is not only for Singing and for Performing , its like a medicine ,you can take it all day long for life time and which will not make your kidney failure.

Music is not only about Entertainment…Now music is an Therapy , a health profession in which music brings out inner thoughts and needs of Physical, Emotional and Social of the particular person. After understanding the strengths and needs of the client, doctors provides the exact song as a treatment. By this treatment they make their abilities more stronger. It work to grow out from depression also.

But without doing MBBS we want to be a doctor and what we do…. When we get happy we listens cheer up  song ,does party…But when we get upset, get sad ..We brings out the moooost saddest song to listen and then assume themselves in it. Will stop it for few second ,thinks about problems and again we brings the most saddest song. It provides calmness to the mind of a tired person too .It can change your mood..just like that… if you know how to get benefit.

It is the God gifted power to erase all the negative thoughts from our mind and to make it more positive and happy.

Until now, the world has not seen anything better than music to heal the inner soul.

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