The funds


Jan Seva Hall was illuminating with dozens of bulbs .The breeze of enthusiasm was blowing .Today the minister was in the city and the hall was going to witness the promises regarding the declaration of funds for various schemes.

The minister was surrounded by the crowd of his flatterers.
Sharma ji ,the p.a. of minister showed him the files of various institutions including hospital,school and jail etc.
As sharma ji was a kind hearted man so his opinion was to rejuvenate the government school building that was too shabby.
Small, innocent school students had to sit in open area even in chilled winters.
But minister saheb was interested in reviving another place that was the Jila jail.
Sharma ji said with deep surprise,” what is the use of this over school?”
A crooked smile spread on the face of minister.
He sarcastically said,” what is the use of schools. In today’s conditions we have to improve the jails , dont know when to go for a walk here!!”
Sharma ji was speechless.



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