music : then vs now


Music today, although can be entertaining ,has lost itself in the pre-fabricated money machine .It is fueled by notoriety and fame.
can anyone tell me any reason behind turning music wheel with those senseless insane lyrics and almost nude appearances..
I wanna ask music companies…. Is this your way to contribute in the mental development or growth of our youth and those untaped cassettes i.e our children ..they in their age to learn the name of fruits .. learning the name of “Char bottle vodka ” .. in their age to do creative crafts with fevicol .. they are learning “mere photo ko ……. fevicol se ” ..
in 19’80s and 90s music was composed and performed for aesthetic pleasure,ceremonial purposes and also for entertainment .They really had something that is hard to find today .Real talent is I can say hidden or buried or choked on . India has unlimited quality talent , the need of hour is to dug it out, to raise it rather then giving them lolipop in the form of apps like tiktok?starmaker,smule and a numerous apps .
Those old songs have their meaningfull lyrics with real depth. composers then,wrote their own music.. they played multiple instruments ,they didn’t used auto tunes or synthesizers and many other factors .using something like autotune was considered an insult back in the day and today it is almost on impulse and everyone is using so it is not much of an indignity anymore .it is more of the new regular which makes it obvious that today some mainstream artists lack the real talent of music of the past. today music include catchy lyrics, great beats and attractive cinematography …
not all music is terrible don’t get me wrong ..but take a look at how much has really changed in the music over the years. change is the law of nature but sometimes not for the better… what I am observing is the lyrics sometimes involves swearing and same typical situations like ‘beer’ , ‘party’ or the typical thought that every song has to be about love, falling in love, being in love or breakup or hurts or something having to do with love… music is going limitless seriously and it’s good but only if in the right direction.. today a song aghasted me “Jinke like hum rote the … ….. ” released recently.. my gosh … where will these all take our generation ? and we are the ones who are promoting them and encouraging them.. i would add in instance that the item song “munni badnam ….” has got that much fame .. so ” munna ….” has to be badnam … it is not the matter to be laughed only .. is it not the right time to be aware of it ?
It would be great for some artists to try and expand their music into more than just one topic of “love”, and try writing a song about a different issue or situation in life. This music is great for hearing at a party, or something upbeat to hear. But when you actually want to listen to the music, I’m not sure this is exactly what everyone is looking for.

To finish this, I’ll start by saying that not all music of today is bad. There are lots of underground bands of today – and even some mainstream- that still have the actual depth and talent in their music, to become even greater someday. It disappoints me though, when underground bands with real musical talent are getting less attention than a popular artist that constantly uses a synthesizer or has someone write their songs for them. It is an opinionated topic, but I still think it’s something for everyone to debate, whatever genre or era you’re a fan of.

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