Know Who you are



You are beautiful you are smart you are adventurous you are kind you are unique you are passionate you are bold.. you are worthy of love and affection are never too much and always enough are precious are a diamond or rose or a pearl that is the most stunning of all God’s creation .

You’re worth more than you get ever imagined. you worth more than the numbers on the scale … you worth more than the number of makeup products you use.. more than shoes you wear..more than the the guys which they had you ..more than the price tags on your clothes or even more than the number of followers you have on your Twitter or Instagram accounts..


In the eyes of Lord you are loved and you are blessed ….you are the goodness and you are a goddess …whether you have everything and everyone or  you even have not someone to be called your friend , whether you love yourself and love your life or you cannot stand to look in the mirror and you feel that everything in your life is falling apart ,whether you are such a winner or you feel like the world’s biggest failure.. you are the goodness  and you are a goddess..

You are powerful ,you are capable you are strong remember strong women don’t have attitudes they have standards and boundaries. read the women in history those women changed the whole world forever and you are the same woman …each and every one of you is a woman with the same potential ,power ,strength, world changing capability and it is your responsibility to find that woman which is hidden inside you  and you set that woman free …

this is WHO YOU ARE

you are awesome and you are unstoppable

please don’t you forget ..

Please don’t you forget ..

^^ by Unnati Chaudhary

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