Top 8 Easy Hindi Guitar Songs for Beginners


Dear Friends ,

Here I am giving you the list of 10 Songs that I consider to be the easiest to learn if you are a beginner. These songs are mainly chords and strumming based. Some of these songs can also be taken as an exercise to learn Guitar Chords and Strumming pattern. Anyone who has just started with The Basic chords like Am, G, F, C D, Em, A etc. can play these songs. 

1. Chura Liya Hai Tumne

Movie / Artist :-  Yaadon Ki Baraat
Chords Used :- Am, G, E, A

2. Hawaayen

Movie / Artist :-  Jab Harry Met Sejal
Chords Used :- A, D, E

3. Papa Kahte Hai

Movie / Artist :-  Qyamat se Qyamat Tak
Chords Used :- C, Am, F, G

4. Tu Jaane Naa

Movie / Artist :-  Kailash Khair
Chords Used :- A, Bm, D, E

5. Khamoshiyaan

Movie / Artist :-  Khaamoshiyaan
Chords Used :- Dm, F, G, C, F#m

6. Tere Sang Yaara

Movie / Artist :-  Rustom
Chords Used :- G, C, Am, D, Em

7. Humdard

Movie / Artist :-  Ek Villain
Chords Used :- E,A,B, C#m

8. Pukarta Chala Hu Main

Movie / Artist :-  Mere Sanam
Chords Used :- Cm, A#, G#, G,D#

Keep On Practising these songs again and again if you are a beginner.

Mohit Varshney

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