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Hello Dear Visitors,

On behalf of ABC , I welcome you all to AchhiBaat.com. This is the first post on this blog. Our purpose on this website is to connect all good writers, reader, sharers, viewers and bring them to one place so that the knowledge of everyone could be shred. Knowledge enhances by sharing it with others.
Shri Ramkrishna ParamHans shared all his knowledge with Swami Vivekananda and when RamKrishna died, he asked Swami Vivekananda to spread all that knowledge to the youngsters of the country. Swami Vivekananda did the same thing by sharing his complete knowledge with sister Nivedita…… This process continues and it is true that the knowledge is enhanced by sharing.

This website / blog is working on the same principle of sharing and increasing the knowledge. Our team will work to bring all types of writers to this platform. Anyone who writes on topics like political, motivational, Technical or based on the style or categories like “Social”, “Bollywood”, “Music” , “History” etc. can be a part of this website. We have already created many categories, which can be modified as and when needed.

We at ABC believe in the principle of 6 modes of knowledge “WESCUE”. Which is described as under :-

W – Write (Your Content)
E – Enhance (Your Knowledge)
S – Share (Your Experiences )
C – Care (For Other’s Views and Other’s Knowledge)
U – Utilize (Your Time Very Well)
E – Entertain (Yourself, together with optimizing your knowledge)

We will have the various audio visual sections in our website like literature, Images, Audio, Videos and posts from various social platforms. Together, we will work upon providing useful information to our visitors.

We plan to have various modes of sharing and testing knowledge by creating Polls, Surveys, Forums and quizzes in coming times every now and then.

All the professional and amateur Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Technology Lovers, Programmers, and Travelling lovers can use this platform to share their experiences and their content with a group of like minded people.

All you need is, just register on our website and start Writing and reading and sharing. I hope you will keep connected with us.

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I wish you all the best for future.

Thanks for being with ABC.

Happy Writing, Sharing and Caring


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